Barça’s distressing stat against Bayern



  • 1/14

    Barça head down

    Barça experienced a new nightmare in the Champions League.

  • 2/14

    Barça head down

    Opposed to Bayern, the Blaugrana were swept 3-0 at Camp Nou.

  • 3/14


    The people of Barcelona have been totally powerless.

  • 4/14

    Manuel Neuer

    Manuel Neuer spent a very peaceful evening.

  • 5/14

    Robert Lewandowski

    Robert Lewandowski made the powder talk again.

  • 6/14

    Robert Lewandowski

    Robert Lewandowski has scored twice at Camp Nou.

  • 7/14

    Robert Lewandowski

    What a little more care for his statistics in the Champions League.

  • 8/14

    Robert Lewandowski

    In the Bayern jersey, the Pole is in his 18th game in a row with at least one goal.

  • 9/14

    Thomas Müller

    Thomas Müller was the first scorer of the evening on the Bavarian side.

  • 10/14

    Memphis Depay

    Memphis Depay did not weigh in the meeting.

  • 11/14

    Sergi Busquets

    In midfield, Sergi Busquets also suffered.

  • 12/14

    Gerard Piqué

    At the end of the match, Gerard Pique wanted to believe in a better tomorrow.

  • 13/14

    Ronald Koeman

    A hope shared by Ronald Koeman.

  • 14/14

    Joie Bayern Munich (3)

    Bayern side, the present is already radiant …

Manuel Neuer had a most peaceful evening at Camp Nou.

The Champions League couldn’t have started off worse for the Barça. Opposed to Bayern Munich, the Blaugrana have never been able to compete with the German champion. So much so that the 3-0 defeat conceded by Ronald Koeman’s men is ultimately not paid dearly.

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The Bavarians have indeed multiplied the opportunities while conversely, Barça has rarely been dangerous. A statistic also testifies to the impotence of the Barcelonans: they did not frame the slightest strike during the whole match, having to be satisfied with five strikes not on target. Compare to the 17 shots attempted by the Germans, including seven on target.

According to Opta, Barça had never finished a Champions League match without framing a shot since (at least) 2003 …

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