Wijnaldum warns Parisians

Just arrived in Paris, Georginio Wijnaldum already pointed out a trap to be avoided for the Rouge et Bleu.

Georginio Wijnaldum will have set the tone. At the end of his contract at Liverpool, the Dutch midfielder was the first signing of the PSG this summer. Before, in particular, Achraf Hakimi, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma and of course Lionel Messi.

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A five-star recruitment that makes PSG one of the main favorites for final victory in the Champions League. A coronation in C1 which could quickly turn to obsession in the Parisian ranks. ” It reminds me of Liverpool’s situation with the Premier League. The club had never won the Championship since being called the Premier League and it was becoming an obsession. I have the impression that it is the same here. But we must not neglect for all that the other competitions ”, the Dutch midfielder confided in an interview with The Team.

And the former Red to add to the confidence that the quality of the workforce is not everything in the Champions League. “It is not because we have such a workforce that we will automatically win the C1. Even with all these great players, we will have to train and behave as a team, he explained. When you look at the winners, it’s not always the team with the best individualities that wins. You have to play as a team. When we won it with Liverpool (in 2019), we faced PSG and Barça, and they really had great teams. But we had a superior team and that’s what made the difference. We have incredible players, but we have to become an incredible team. “

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