the terrible accusations against a Blue

Known for his revelations behind the scenes of football, Romain Molina has brought very heavy accusations against a French international, guilty, according to him, of having hit two women.

Romain Molina accuses. And not only the officials of the French Football Federation, who allegedly covered acts of sexual abuse, or those in Yemen, where Al-Quaida recruiters would use football as a gateway. The independent journalist also delivered startling confidences on a French international. Without naming it.

According to him, this player of the France team, appreciated by the general public, would have problems with alcohol and would have been especially guilty of two violent assaults on women. “A French international, we spend driving while drunk or without a license, classic. We are talking about physical assault on a woman, on two women, he said. But real aggression, with a kick in the head, when she is on the ground. And sexual exhibition. ”

He has huge problems with alcohol

Serious facts that his former club would have taken care to cover up … “The club in question, which is an important club, managed to hide everything because it had to be transferred the following year, which they achieved”, he continued, adding: “And that, there are plenty. ” And Romain Molina to add a few details. “He made the helicopter with his genitalia in front of the girl, she doesn’t want to, he puts a right hand on her, she falls to the ground and he kicks her in the head”, he explained.

“The guy was high, he further clarified. He has huge problems with alcohol. His friends know it but continue to make him drink because behind they eat well. And his family no longer speaks to him, at least some members. Her family is divided over agent stories. ”

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