Summoners War: Arena World 2v2 Team Battles are here!

Game news Summoners War: Arena World 2v2 Team Battles are here!

Every day millions of players compete in the arenas of Summoners War, the benchmark turn-based strategy game on mobile. For more than seven years, Com2uS has regularly published updates rich in new content to the delight of fans. Today, version 6.4.0 is entering the game!

A few days ago, Ji Yeong Seo, the game designer of Summoners War, appeared on video to present the big novelties of update 6.4.0, starting with the new 2v2 mode. With a view to renewing the pleasure of playing in PvP, the Com2uS team has imagined two-on-two fights in the Arena World. With this mode, you have to know how to cooperate and optimize the synergy of the monsters to win, factors that bring a very exciting new dimension to the gameplay!

To take advantage of it, you can invite a friend, or simply find a teammate automatically using the “Quick Battle” option. In both cases, the game will begin with a ban phase. Indeed, each player will see one of his four monsters banished by the opposing team, leaving him with a selection of three summons in his stable. Once in the arena, two teams of six monsters compete against each other, an ideal number to achieve shattering combinations!

Check out 2v2 team fights now in Arena World! In the coming months, this game mode will also be improved with the arrival of a spectator mode and friendly games. This is just the start for this new way to enjoy Summoners War! Want to join millions of summoners? So go now on l’App Store where the Google Play to download Summoners War for free!

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