Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition at an unprecedented price!

Good plan news Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition at an unprecedented price!

The famous Rockstar Games open-world is currently available for less than € 15 at Micromania in its special edition! Find the green prairies of the wild American West, still untamed and teeming with desperados thirsty for dollars and bullets!

With this title, you could almost hear the train whistling. Get on your canasson and come discover Red Dead Redemption Special Edition on PS4 and Xbox! This title contains the game as well as special bonuses. Priced at under $ 15, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on the game from Rockstar Games.

At the time of the conquest of the West, in an America still in its infancy, Red Dead Redemption 2 puts you at the head of a group, of a gang which must flee its pursuers. You will therefore have to evolve with them and forge links with your family.

And this is one of the many gameplay elements that make the salt of this title: the depth of play. Indeed, the world of RDRII is not just vast, it is full of adventures and adventures. Whether it’s creatures to list in your encyclopedia, others to hunt, stage coaches to rob, banks to rob, help members of your party, or just keep the story going, you will have plenty to do.

Gunfights, Mexican-style dead ends, rabid cavalcades and stalking desperados will be your daily life, a busy daily life that will occupy you more than 50 hours (not counting the multiplayer).

In addition, the version offered to you is that of Micromania which also contains additional bonuses including:

  • A heist mission and a bandit lair
  • A thoroughbred spotted black horse
  • A talisman and a medallion
  • Improvements
  • Bonus money
  • Promotions
  • Nuevo Paraiso’s Trigger Ace Outfit
  • Free access to additional weapons
Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition at an unprecedented price!

Red Dead Redemption 2: his colts, his horses, his rating

The opinion of


More than for its stunning visuals of beauty and its appalling sonic perfection, Red Dead Redemption II proves to be precious for what it has to tell and its way of credibly developing the family dimension of the band, central in this sequel. While enjoying a gigantic open world alive, coherent and managing to surprise us even after having spent about fifty hours there, we find ourselves trapped in this story served by a bunch of characters all better written than the ones others. And this is the strength of the game from Rockstar Games which most of the time manages to go beyond its video game dimension by using its story to better shoe the player to make him laugh, shudder and move him. More than a game (imperfect in its gameplay, sometimes redundant but so generous), Red Dead Redemption II is an epic, born from the greatest cinematographic masterpieces of the genre, perpetually feeding on great feelings to return us to the past. to an astonishing and logical end at the same time.

To learn more about Red Dead Redemption 2, you can check out the full review about it.

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