PSG violently attacked in Belgium

While PSG is preparing to launch its European campaign in Bruges, on the lawn of the Belgian champion, some voices are very critical with the club in the capital.

The trip will undoubtedly bring back fond memories to Kylian Mbappé. Two years after his recital delivered on the lawn of the Jan Breydel stadium, with three goals scored in less than 40 minutes, the PSG is preparing to find FC Bruges. With the firm intention of making an impression for what should be the grand premiere of MMN.

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Bart Verhaeghe, the president of the Belgian champion, is also preparing to receive what he considers “The best team in the world”. “They have the best players and high quality sports management. We’re all human, with dreams. But Messi is not. With him, plus the talent and experience of other players, there is no more competition. Normally we don’t have a chance ”, he confided in the columns of The team, considering PSG as “The product of globalization with the strongest in each country”.

Across Quiévrain, some are much more critical. This is particularly the case of Frédéric Larsemont, journalist at Le Soir, who does not mince his words when referring to the club in the capital. “PSG redeemed itself a virginity on financial fair play thanks to its elected president on the tactic of not having set foot in the train which led to the Super League”, he said, adding: “Paris remains a club without history, a money pump. A great club is built over decades. He must win the Champions League. Then we will discuss its value. ”

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