PS5: major update tomorrow, increased storage and 3D audio

News hardware PS5: major update tomorrow, increased storage and 3D audio

The new PlayStation 5 system software update will take place tomorrow, Wednesday September 15th. And it doesn’t come alone as new features will also be coming to the PS Remote Play, PS App and PlayStation 4 apps.

Already available for the lucky ones during a closed beta in August, the new major update for the PlayStation 5 will be available from tomorrow worldwide. In general terms, the new version of the system software of the PS5 allows a SSD storage expansion, 3D audio support for speakers built into TVs, PS5 user experience improvements as well as new customizations for games and social interactions.

Having more space on your PS5 is possible!

Like the previous major update of the software of the PlayStation 5, the one of tomorrow will allow the expansion of the storage volume, that is to say that it will be possible to install more games on its console … As long as you have the right equipment. Indeed, it is necessary to have an M.2 SSD with a volume between 250 GB and 4 TB and which must meet a certain number of criteria, listed on the PlayStation site.. Once installed in the PS5, it will be possible to play PS5 games directly stored on it, which is not possible with external hard drives.

3D audio like in the cinema?

Besides storage expansion, another important feature arrives in tomorrow’s update. It allows you to enjoy 3D audio via your TV. From September 15, the PlayStation 5 will be able to transform “standard channel audio from the TV speakers in three-dimensional sound“, promising an even stronger immersion in games. A functionality therefore similar to the console pulse headsets. However, you will have to activate the option in the system settings of the console since it will be disabled by default.

Improved user experience

Finally, the last feature that seems to be the most important concerns the PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game. With tomorrow’s update, the two versions of the same title will be distinguished with the logo linked to the console, whether in the home screen or in the library of installed games.

PS5: major update tomorrow, increased storage and 3D audioPS5: major update tomorrow, increased storage and 3D audio

In addition, we note the arrival of a customization of the Control Center, an improved Game Base, a new type of brace (encouragement system) with Leader Thus than an automatic capture of videos immortalizing a personal record.

PS Now, PS Remote et Play App

In addition, it is not only the interface of the PlayStation 5 that is improved but also the various services around. Subscribers to PlayStation Now, a cloud gaming, can now choose between 720p and 1080p. Regarding the PS Remote Play and the PS App, we can read the following news on the PlayStation blog:

Improvements to the PS Remote Play and PS App apps

PS Remote Play app on mobile network

  • With the PS Remote Play app, gamers could remotely stream and launch their PS4 and PS5 games, switch between games and navigate their console menus from a compatible device connected to their broadband network ** *. Now gamers using the mobile app for iOS and Android can use a mobile data connection when no Wi-Fi is available.
  • A broadband connection of at least 5 Mbps is required for the PS Remote Play app. For the best experience, we recommend a broadband connection that offers upstream and upstream speeds of at least 15 Mbps.
  • To best manage the amount of data used with their mobile connection, gamers can select their preferred video quality for mobile streaming.
  • Note: The quality and connectivity you have with Remote Play depend on the network and your carrier’s network environment.

Watch Screen Share broadcasts on the PS App

  • Starting Thursday, September 23, an update to the PS App will be rolled out worldwide. This will allow users to see their friends’ Screen Share broadcasts.
  • To get started, all you need to do is use your mobile device to join the voice chat of a Party containing a friend playing on a PS5 console. Next, you’ll need to ask your friend on PS5 to start the Screen Share broadcast. Note: Only PS5 players can initiate a Screen Share broadcast.
  • The Android version of the update will be phased out, and you may have to wait a week for it to be available on your mobile device.

As a reminder, this major update will be available for download from tomorrow on PlayStation 5. All information about it can be found via the dedicated post on the PlayStation blog.

Source : PlayStation Blog

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