Pochettino already has a problem with Messi

Talking about Lionel Messi, who landed at PSG this summer, is not an easy exercise for Mauricio Pochettino …

Four months after the painful elimination experienced in the semi-final of the Champions League against Manchester City, the PSG sets out again in the countryside. With only one goal in mind: to finally register his name on the list of C1. The pressure is therefore maximum on the shoulders of Mauricio Pochettino. Inevitable consequence of the spectacular transfer window carried out by the club of the capital, with the arrival of Lionel Messi. An unexpected signature in the eyes of the Argentine technician.

“I didn’t think it would be possible and when an opportunity like this presents itself and everything goes so fast, you might not immediately realize it”, he told the UEFA website before saying all the good things he thinks about his compatriot: ” There’s this connection: we’re both Argentines, we both support Newell’s Old Boys, we’re both from Rosario. I have also admired him as an opponent for a long time, so to see him now training with us is really nice.»

Lionel Messi nevertheless causes him some problems. Mauricio Pochettino especially struggles to transcribe precisely what he feels for the former Barcelona. “I might not be the most appropriate person to describe it. I don’t have the words. There are many more people with a larger vocabulary to describe Leo the way he deserves. He will always be considered among the best in the world. Since he arrived he has really adapted very quickly and he has trained really well, trying to reach his highest level as soon as possible. “

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