Marvel What if …? : a preview of the next episodes for mid-season

News culture Marvel What if …? : a preview of the next episodes for mid-season

What if …?, The latest series from Marvel Studios has been broadcast since August 11 on Disney +, Disney’s streaming platform. Composed of 9 episodes, the first season has just reached half of its broadcast. Marvel Studios therefore takes stock of the episodes broadcast and the next ones in pictures.

For those not in the know, Marvel What if …? adapts the alternate realities of the universe of Marvel heroes. So, in the first season, the series imagines for example what would happen if it was Peggy Carter who became Captain America instead of Steve Rogers, if Thanos was an ally, if T’challa and Star-Lord were the same person. or if the superheroes found themselves transformed into zombies … So many possibilities that the anthology animated series (the episodes do not follow … for the moment) has fun developing and presenting to die-hard fans of the Marvel franchise.

This mid-season trailer gives us a recap in pictures of the first 5 episodes, and also teases the next 4. A narrative continuity begins to take shape, as we can see characters from previous episodes interacting with new ones, such as Thor who teams up with Evil Dr. Strange … however the images are ultimately few and everything is still possible to imagine, it remains to be seen what the writers have concocted for us, and see the birth of the multiverse looming on the horizon.

You can find the episodes every Wednesday on Disney +

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