Lille does not take off

Lagging behind in Ligue 1, the Mastiffs did not take advantage of the Champions League on Tuesday night against Wolfsburg (0-0), to get out of the gray.

It was time to shine. The Lille will still have to wait. Weighted down by a single victory in Ligue 1 after five days, Gourvennec’s men relied on the C1 to finally raise their level of play this season and prove themselves worthy of their status as champions of France.

Facing Wolfsburg, Fonte’s teammates displayed an almost irreproachable state of mind but envy is not everything, especially when technical waste pollutes good intentions.

Too often, Lille have narrowly missed in important areas on the occasion of this first day of the Champions League, like Yilmaz (13e, 21e, 69e, 80e), David (30e) Where André on a lob attempt (90e).

The Mastiffs, who played more than half an hour on the power play after the expulsion of Brooks following a second yellow card (63e), were also unsuccessful. David’s goal was disallowed for a ball that came out very little in touch (48e). The VAR also showered the supporters of Pierre-Mauroy at the end of the meeting.

Video assistance defeated the referee who initially designated the penalty, Guilavogui’s fault on Onana being just outside the area (90e + 6).

The Losc will still be able to see the glass half full with this point obtained. This is as much as during the club’s last participation in C1 after the six group days (2019-2020).

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