Juve and Chelsea at the rendezvous

Placed in the same group, Juventus and Chelsea successfully started the Champions League on Tuesday. Respectively against Malmö (0-3) and against Zenith Saint-Petersburg (1-0).

Abused in Serie A, already weighed down by two setbacks and a draw after three days of the championship, the old lady breathe. His debut in the Champions League on Tuesday evening turned into a makeover, with the key to his trip to Malmö a beautiful and wide victory (0-3).

In Sweden, the Turinese took their ease from the first period, successively hitting the mark with Alex Sandro (23e), Dybala (45e, on penalty) and Morata (45e+1). Two last achievements passed in quick succession just before the break which had the merit of nipping in the bud any hint of opposing revolt.

Strongly Juve-Chelsea

Building on this success, the Bianconeri thus inherited the orders of the H hen of the C1, ahead of Blues de Chelsea who also won to launch their continental campaign. Inter defector, Lukaku made speak the powder in favor of the London club vis-a-vis Zenith Saint-Petersburg (1-0, 69e). And the holder of the trophy to confirm his good start to the season (10 points in four lifts in the Premier League) before going to the lair of Juve in two weeks.

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