Haaland near … Marseille

On Monday, the Borussia Dortmund training center received a visit from a surprising personality. Haaland has met Marseille!

Erling Haaland met Marseille in person. We are not of course talking about theOlympic Marseille, but from Marseille, the character of the series ” The Money Heist “, performed by Luka Peros.

The official club account of Dortmund shared these moments on Twitter, to the delight of football fans and the Spanish series. We can see the Norwegian player and the Croatian actor all smiles, even playing with Salvador Dali’s famous mask, a key element of the plot of this series, the outcome of which will be revealed next December.

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A surprise guest came to celebrate the BVB championship victory against the Bayer Leverkusen (4-3), last Saturday. A meeting won on the wire by the Yellow and Black, thanks in particular to a double from the Norwegian prodigy.

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