Game ads are not meant to promote games, Halo developer says

Game news Game ads are not meant to promote games, Halo developer says

If the trailer has become a central tool for publishers to communicate about their games and in particular to announce them, it is not always used to seduce the public. It can also be used as a call for tenders, while allowing the studios to maintain control over its communication of the title.

On the occasion of Sony’s PlayStation Showcase which took place last week, the Japanese manufacturer and Insomniac Games revealed two new Marvel games with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine. The first was announced for 2023, while the second did not mention a release period during its 45-second trailer.. Initiatives which have caused much debate on the web: why reveal the titles when they are far from being finished? A question answered on Twitter by David “OverYonder” Ellis, a developer of Halo Infinite:

Do people realize that when a game is first revealed (often via a CG trailer), it’s mostly to recruit more staff than to promote it?

And he is well placed to know it: in 2018, Halo Infinite was revealed on video to the public during E3 and it is the December 08 that the game is expected. Still on the Microsoft side, this was also the case with The Elder Scrolls VI for example, whose release date is still unknown while the title was revealed at E3 2018. An initiative also justified by Jacqui Collins (relationship manager press in the video game), which explains that this allows the studio to keep control over their communication avoiding potential leaks :

If the studios are doing it this way too, it’s to avoid media leaks through job postings. This allows developers to talk about their project first.

Game ads are not meant to promote games, Halo developer says

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