Final Fantasy X: after 100 hours of farming, a player defeats an “invincible” enemy, here’s how

News tip Final Fantasy X: after 100 hours of farming, a player defeats an “invincible” enemy, here’s how

Almost twenty years after its release, Final Fantasy 10 still has a strong and active community. Many players continue to push the limits of Square Enix production and in the lines that follow, one of them has taken on the game’s only invincible foe.

In Final Fantasy 10, Tidus faces numerous enemies in fierce battles. And the difficulty of these clashes only increases, through the boss fights that will require a big dose of concentration.

From Seymour to Yunalesca, via the ultimate boss, Yu Yevon, each of these opponents requires a particular strategy to overcome them. And while these fights can take time, none of them seem invincible. However, there is a likely invulnerable opponent, who has never been defeated by any player. This one is not located in the forest of Macalania or Guadosalam, but at the very beginning of the game, on Besaid Island.

This fight pits you against a Water Flambos and this confrontation is particularly hard, for the simple reason that Tidus ain’t supposed to be able to beat him. After a hit doing very little damage to The Flambos of Water, an introduction and tutorial to the elements of magic in Final Fantasy 10 is supposed to trigger.

However, YouTuber Warrior of Light, discovered that it is possible to grind enough to overcome this monster. After almost 110 hours of grinding play in the first part of the game, it is possible to one-shot the Water Flambos. Ironically, beating him does not change the scenario at all and the game continues to act as if the latter was still alive to start the tutorial. Discover in video his adventure and what happens once the Flambos is eliminated on the first try:

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