Elden Ring: knocked-down pre-orders for the most anticipated game of 2022

Good plan news Elden Ring: knocked-down pre-orders for the most anticipated game of 2022

After having built a huge reputation with various games, fromsoftware will do it again soon with Elden Ring, already offered at attractive prices.

With Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (the latter having even been voted Game of The Year at the Game Awards 2019), it is safe to say that fromsoftware has built a very solid reputation, to the point of being the ultimate reference in a very specific genre of action. No doubt possible, their next production Elden Ring is shaping up to be a huge hit.

Good news, the game can be pre-ordered at great prices on multiple platforms. First on Amazon where la version PS5/Xbox Series is available at 64,99€, and on PS4 To 54,99€. Then, on the Fnac where, with the Fnac + card, you can obtain an immediate ten euros reduction, reducing the price of the PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series edition To 59,99€ and from the PC edition at € 49.99.

Elden Ring, a game co-written by George RR Martin

Already very strong in building impressive worlds with a certain charisma, the Japanese are using software and are doing even stronger here: they teamed up with GRR Martin to write the world of Elden Ring. As a reminder, this man is none other than the author of Game of Thrones, who has added his touch here for the development of a deep and threatening medieval-fantasy world.

And, indeed, the first media broadcast did not lie: the game looks extremely promising with stunning creatures, an open world and tough challenges, not without the desire to open up a little more to the public.

Elden Ring, halfway between Sekiro and Darks Souls?

The developers are known for their ultra-demanding game, but will Elden Ring break tradition? It is still too early to know but, a priori, we will find the difficulty specific to the Japanese studio with, however, some enlargement gestures, such as greater freedom of action and more possibility to find one’s way in the environment.

Also, and above all, the title will pick here and there in the previous titles to propose vertical level design and nervous gameplay, a bit like Sekiro, while remaining on the basics of character development and Dark Souls dungeons. An ambitious mix that definitely promises: we advise you to take a look to our preview here for more information.

Elden Ring: knocked-down pre-orders for the most anticipated game of 2022

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