Bayonetta 3: a disturbing change in sight?

Game news Bayonetta 3: a disturbing change in sight?

While the producer of Bayonetta 3 has been saying for weeks that “everything is fine” and “we should not worry” for this third opus, it seems that all is not rosy.

And it was Hellena Taylor, the Bayonetta voice actor, who ignited the powder. By responding to one of his fans on Twitter, Hellena Taylor said maybe you could imagine Bayonetta without her voice. A strange statement especially since following this post, she evokes wanting to clarify things but indicates to be linked to a confidentiality agreement:

Statements that contribute to the vagueness that surrounds Bayonetta 3. Announced in 2017 at the Game Awards, the game has still not been put forward via a first trailer. Despite everything, Hideki Kamiya (creator of the saga) has repeated many times in recent weeks that everything is fine and “that there was no reason to worry“.

Source : Gaming Bolt

Bayonetta 3: a disturbing change in sight?

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