Anti-Ramadan? Stéphane Moulin denounces a “serious insult”

Questioned by Romain Molina, Stéphane Moulin categorically denies the facts with which he is accused by the journalist.

It was one of the themes discussed Monday evening by Romain Molina, in a “Space” on Twitter which caused a lot of talk. According to the journalist, who fights against dubious practices in the world of football, Stéphane Moulin was “hunting Ramadan” with his players when he was Angers coach.

“Stéphane Moulin was hunting Ramadan at the training center in Angers, let go of Molina, relays the site. In the opinion of several players, it was very complicated with the Maghreb and Muslims. He said “You people”, “You there”. When there is a sentence that begins like that… Saïd Chabane has publicly defended it on this, but all those who have questioned players who have passed through Angers will tell you the same thing. At one point, there was a problem with halal meat, at one point there was I don’t know what … But it’s not a scoop, it is the case in a lot of clubs. “

Stéphane Moulin, who received the support of his current club, SM Caen, reacted in a press release sent by the Norman club (and since deleted):

« I am upset by the defamatory and completely unfounded remarks of Mr. Molina towards me concerning a so-called difference of treatment with certain players. I have been training for 23 years with passion and respect for all men without any discrimination. Thanks to this job, I have been able for many years to discover men and personalities from very different horizons. I nourish myself daily with the multicultural aspect that can be found in coaching and management.

This insult is serious and affects me personally and my family. I must justify myself with a totally unfounded, gratuitous and violent accusation. Whether with the Stade Malherbe Caen or the Angers SCO, I have never taken ethnic and religious affiliations into consideration in the management of my groups. Whether it is in the choice of my captains, in our recruitment or when it was a question of launching such or such player.

Know that I have a lot of respect and consideration for all the people I meet on a daily basis, regardless of their origins. This shows to what extent these remarks are false and completely unjustified. Therefore, I allow myself the right to sue Mr Molina for these libelous and very serious remarks. »

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