All against PSG!

Considered the favorite for the final victory in the Champions League, PSG concentrates resentment in Spain.

It has the merit of being clear: “All against PSG! “ This is the title chosen by Marca to present his special Champions League file on the occasion of the kickoff of the group stage of C1. Like many European media, the Madrid daily indeed makes the capital’s club the main favorite in the race to succeed Chelsea. The Blues may have been further strengthened by attracting Romelu Lukaku, the ‘galactic’ recruitment of vice-champions of France, who added Messi, Ramos, Donnarumma, Wijnaldum and Hakimi to Neymar, Mbappé and others, brought in the PSG in another dimension.

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In Spain, the Rouge et Bleu are on the way to achieving a feat: reconciling the Barça and the Real Madrid, the two Spanish giants having a hard time recovering from the departure of Lionel Messi for the first and the aborted transfer of Kylian Mbappé for the second. “PSG already had bad press and the fact that Mbappé did not sign for Real reinforced this feeling. Today, it is clearly the great enemy in Spain ”, thus entrusted Julio Maldonado, specialist in foreign football, to The team.

No one wants to see them win the Champions League

Former president of Real Madrid, Ramon Calderon agrees. “We blame the PS for what Real and Barça have always done: recruit the best players or manage to keep them”, he nevertheless noted, adding: “That’s why he is now seen as the great rival. These are the new ‘Galactics’. ” What arouse as much jealousy as fear. “The old European aristocracy is afraid to see PSG change the pecking order of football. That, in the long term, Paris will become the capital of world football, and no longer Madrid ”, added Anton Meana, journalist at Cadena Ser.

And Mark is not the only one to want the failure of PSG. “Nobody wants to see them win the Champions League. In addition to attracting the best players, it would mean that they would have their napkin ring at the table of the greatest sporting. It would mean the end of a world ”, so ruled Julio Maldonado.

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