4 penalties in 40 minutes, a crazy Seville-Salzburg!

A lot is going on in the Losc hen, opposed this Tuesday evening to Wolfsburg. In this same group, Sevilla FC and RB Salzburg opened hostilities in the evening, resulting in a spectacular draw (1-1).

Spectacular not in the magnitude of the score but in the scenario, the referee of this meeting, Mr. Kulbakov (Belarus), having whistled no less than four penalties in the first period, between the 12e and 40e minutes.

The first three were awarded to the Austrians, who only achieved one, by Sucic (21e) – Adeyemi (13e) and the same Sucic (37e) having missed the mark elsewhere. Rakitic having equalized for the Andalusians on a penalty also (42e).

Never has a C1 match produced so many penalties in a single period. And yet the brand did not explode this Tuesday in Seville. To the chagrin of the locals, in particular, who also suffered the expulsion of En Nesyri in this part (50e).

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