World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

News tip World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Available from September 8 on iOS and Android, World Flipper takes you on a journey through different worlds, under the control of your team of heroes. Below, we offer you our tier-list of the game’s five-star heroes, to find out which configuration will be most suitable for you.

In World Flipper, you take charge of a team of three main heroes, accompanied by their three support heroes. All of his characters have a type going from Fire to Water, passing through Light and Darkness. And each brings their own specific skills and characteristics.

World Flipper characters are divided into a system ranging from one to five stars. And to get these, you will need to spend your Star Pearls in the in-game lottery. To help you find the ideal combination, Find our tier-list of World Flipper five-star characters below:


  • S-Tier
  • A-Tier
  • B-Tier
  • C-Tier
  • D-Tier
  • F-Tier



Silty is probably one of the most powerful characters since the release of World Flipper. His attacks adapt to the number of combos, giving him the potential to do endless damage. And with the release of Shiue and the Lich Ex class weapons, Silty becomes amazing in manual mode since you can easily maintain your combos. And even in the car, even if the AI ​​cannot constantly send combos, Silty remains very strong with his basic skills.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Razelt is one of the most powerful Light-type characters in World Flipper. He is an important support character who can tank for the team but also apply up to four buffs, which increase the team’s survivability and their damage inflicted. This includes regeneration with buffs that are effective in light damage, making Razelt an effective character in a Light-type team. Razelt combined with Eliya is a solid option for a start to the game.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Veron is valuable for two reasons. It offers a lot of penetrating attack damage. Penetration damage proves to be very powerful from the start of the game which makes Veron valuable with any element. Ironically, Veron is less useful with his own element since Belsidia is ahead of him on this point.



World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Clarisse is one of the best Fire type characters in World Flipper. At the start of the game, she is a powerful DPS with a lot of skill damage. At the same time, his fireball offers debuff bonuses that increase fire damage for all of your team members. This debuff is a damage multiplier that makes Clarisse effective even as a support character.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Phiria is a healer who also grants Float buffs. Float is a very strong game mechanic right from the start of the game. This skill is particularly effective with Silty, since Float makes you stay in the air, which maintains your combo. Phiria is also the only good Wind-type healer and one of the few float buffers, making her more essential than Silty early in the game.



World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

At the start of the game, Marina is far from a powerful character. It provides multiball and powerflip support. His third skill does a fair amount of essential early-game penetration damage, since one of the strongest early-game weapons, Malta, requires penetration. But at the same time, her multiball damage isn’t powerful enough without Golem Ex class weapons. Manaboard 2 also gives Marina a huge boost in the future.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Sonia is the best Water-type character for quite a long time in World Flipper. But that doesn’t mean much since the water remains quite low at the start of the game. Sonia herself does not have a clear archetype but thanks to her skills she can fit into any Water type team. These skills grant an attack buff for the entire team, which generates a lot of combos. This buff and combo generation make him a solid leader powerflip despite his lack of powerflip buff. It can also be used to deal skill damage.



World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Cagliostro is a strong Lightning-type healer to help you stay alive early in the game. The problem is, Foula is a very good three-star Lightning character and Cagliostro doesn’t bring much more than her beyond her survivability. Rerolling for her is not necessarily the right choice, except to guarantee you a serene start to the game.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Belsidia is a powerful Dark-type damage dealer. She deals massive damage when she drops below 50% HP. If your team is well built you can use it to one shot the most powerful bosses. However, Belsidia does not go well with the healers, since they risk bringing her back above 50% and limiting the damage she inflicts. In addition, other 4-star heroes like Soushiro or Rams, also have configurations that can one shot bosses and are not disadvantaged by the presence of healers.



World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Inaho is a fairly complete character but without any real specialty. She does provide some interesting support, damage, and paralysis, but many less rare characters can do all of this better than Inaho. Rams deals more damage, Lunalu’s Paralysis is much more useful, making Inaho pretty useless. The only point to note is that its skill affects the entire area, which can make it useful in special situations like in a mana dungeon speedrun.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Early in the game, Nephteim is a decent choice. She does solid light frenzy damage, but there aren’t enough units to maintain a permanent frenzy for the strategy to be really effective. But there are more important and effective Light characters so we don’t recommend you roll for them.



World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Wagner is by far seen as one of the weakest characters in the game. He mainly brings powerflip damage but his skill only brings damage and combos which are not very high, since his skill weight often requires him. to play the role of leader. Roll for him only if you like the character.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

Leon is very similar to Wagner and is only used for his powerflip, while his Wind type is not known to be very powerful in this kind of situation.


World Flipper, guide: tier-list of five-star characters

At first glance, Ecreel is a pretty solid character. She gains a lot of attack points when her health points stay above 80% or more and gains even more when healed. This makes Ecreel very strong when combined with Razelt. The problem is, Ecreel is quickly overtaken by 4-star heroes like Eliya or Kira, making her obsolete very quickly.

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