Total War Warhammer III: the war will wait a little longer, the game release window shifted

Game news Total War Warhammer III: the war will wait a little longer, the game release window shifted

Freshly unveiled last spring, Total War Warhammer III quickly won its stripes of the most anticipated strategy game of the moment, alongside that of the less obvious name to pronounce. Still, the game has been emulated and it is at the top of the list of many followers of the genre. Unfortunately, the wait is going to take a little longer than expected.

The announcement fell like a cleaver today: Total War : Warhammer III will not have a release this year. The Creative Assembly teams have decided to review their plans and to postpone the title’s release window, which is now set for early 2022.

This decision was formalized through the development studio’s social networks before being relayed by the game’s official Twitter account. An announcement which was accompanied by a message which, of course, does not really explain the reason for this “slight” postponement but still offers some explanations concerning the process in which Creative Assembly is currently.

In particular, it is possible to read that ” although it is tempting to rush to the finish line as soon as it looms on the horizon », development teams have ” made the decision to give Total War: Warhammer III a little more time. »

According to Rob Bartholomew, the studio’s product manager behind this post, “ this new date will allow a stronger release “And constitutes” the most important first step in the new era of Total War: Warhammer “. Still according to him, the studio does not consider this release as the end of the trilogy ” but as the start of years of content and follow-up in the same way we continue to bring Total War to the mind-boggling scale of Games Workshop’s fantasy universe ».

To somehow be forgiven for this bad news, the developers at Creative Assembly are meeting players tomorrow for a series of new information about the Grand Cathay faction., a fantastic kingdom inspired by East Asia, which will come to life within the video game franchise for the first time thanks to Total War : Warhammer III on PC.

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