Ronaldo deprived of the Champions League?

Author of shattering debut on Saturday for his great reunion with the Mancunian jersey, Cristiano Ronaldo could be preserved against the Young Boys of Bern.

Cristiano Ronaldo could hardly imagine a more successful return. More than twelve years after his last match with Manchester United, the Portuguese made the powder speak. And rather twice since the five-time Golden Ball scored the first two goals of Le Mans, allowing the Red Devils to quietly win against Newcastle (4-1). For his greatest happiness. “My return to Old Trafford was only a brief reminder of why this stadium is known as the ‘Theater of Dreams'”, he savored on Instagram.

And Cristiano Ronaldo now hopes to continue. Especially in the Champions League, where Manchester United will launch its European campaign on Tuesday on the lawn of Young Boys Bern. At least if he has a say in the matter. Because Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hinted on Saturday that the Portuguese would have to get used to starting some meetings on the bench.

“It is not impossible that I will leave it aside. He is 36 years old. Mason Greenwood is 19 and it’s the same for him. I have to manage his playing time like I have to manage the playing time of a 36-year-old player ”, he thus launched on the sidelines of the match against the Magpies. And this before however insisting on the great physical form displayed by the native of Funchal despite his great age … “Cristiano takes so much care of him, I know he’s recovering quickly and he’s had a preseason. But of course, it is important that we have everyone in legs, and it is important that he is in legs and that he has 90 minutes to be so ”, he said indeed, recognizing in half words that CR7 was not a player like the others.

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