PSG, Javier Tebas puts the cover back

Decidedly, the president of La Liga wants to bury PSG for good. Javier Tebas spoke again on the transfer window of the Parisians.

For several days, the president of the League keep criticizing the Paris Saint Germain as well as Ligue 1. Media outings that earned him virulent responses from the leaders of the capital, the LFP as well as the president of OL, Jean-Michel Aulas. This time, it was during a conference organized by the Global Alliance for Integrity in Sport that Javier Tebas attacked the Qataris:

« PSG have 500 million euros in salaries and they have lost 400 million euros due to COVID and TV rights have lost 50% of their value. What they are doing is economically impossible, he insisted. But the club-states came in with cash income that created bad inflation. “

Tebas attacks PSG and almost defends City …

When the 59-year-old leader attacks state clubs, he denounces Manchester City and PSG. Only this time around Tebas would almost defend the reigning Premier League champions. He likes to compare the economic model of Real Madrid, which would be perfectly healthy, to that of the club-states. A daring comparison for a club that has received aid from the Spanish crown for many years. But the president of La Liga prefers to give lessons on inflation and calls on his assembly to be cautious …

« You must be prudent. There are good and bad inflations. Real Madrid, who have economic control, do not receive inflated subsidies or sponsorships. It is money that they generate. It is legitimate. Against many Premier League teams I can’t comment due to their turnover. I can only say that you have to work to win more and compete with the Premier League. “

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