PS5 Dualsense: the controller charger at a bargain price

Good plan news PS5 Dualsense: the controller charger at a bargain price

If you’re lucky enough to own a PS5, maybe you’re interested in purchasing a charging station for your controller: good news, the item in question is seeing its price drop today!

Buying a PlayStation 5 isn’t easy : even if the console is selling like hot cakes despite a shortage which should extend further to 2022 (or even beyond), it is still very difficult to find in stores.

On the other hand, if you’ve been lucky enough to find one or feel lucky enough to acquire it soon, maybe you’ll be interested in optimizing your experience. For example, by having a charging station for your DualSense, a very practical accessory in addition to being decorative. Here, the price of this Heystop item is melting at € 13.59 at Amazon.

Up to two DualSense recharged at once

Despite the excellent immersion of the DualSense, the famous controller of the PS5, we must recognize its autonomy that can quickly run out. Hence the importance of having constantly recharged it, and even having two to alternate when one is seen without a battery: this charging station signed Heystop is precisely intended for this purpose.

Fixed using the socket located under the lever, it is therefore positioned “upright” on the a white and black base which obviously recalls the colorimetry of the PlayStation 5 and the DualSense. With two sockets, it is therefore possible integrate up to two controllers to never break down.

An integrated LED indicator for the PS5 controller charging station

Just to keep the user informed, the accessory is on board a small front LED screen displaying two pieces of information : red when the charge is not yet complete, and blue when the batteries are full. Also note faster charging with 800mAg on the meter. As indicated in the description, this pedestal can also welcome other controllers in order to have them more elegantly in your living room.

Finally, note the presence of a USB-C cable, precisely to recharge your DualSense (or any other device, such as your telephone, equipped with a corresponding socket) in the traditional way. This is a very good alternative to the Sony stamped charging station, which is much more expensive and difficult to find.

PS5 Dualsense: the controller charger at a bargain pricePS5 Dualsense: the controller charger at a bargain price

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