Pokémon GO: How to optimize your bag and your Pokémon reserve?

News tip Pokémon GO: How to optimize your bag and your Pokémon reserve?

One of the most painful issues that Pokémon GO players face is storage space. What objects and Pokémon to keep? In what quantity? How to sort them properly? All of the above and more in this Pokémon GO storage guide!


  • Managing the storage space of your bag on Pokémon GO
  • Manage your Pokémon storage

Managing the storage space of your bag on Pokémon GO

It goes without saying that not everyone has unlocked the maximum bag size. That being said, If you have a few PokéCoins aside, we recommend that you invest them in storage space first. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling limited.

Let’s go over all of the “object categories”. For each of them, we will give you an indicative number of items to have with you at all times. Let’s begin our journey into the heart of the Trainer’s Backpack with Potions.

People who are particularly fond of raiding find themselves with quite a few healing items on their arms. We advise you to remove all your Potions except twenty Hyper Potions and fifteen Max Potions. As for the Reminders, it’s pretty simple: only keep the Max Reminders. If you have less than 40 Max Booster on you, keep a few normal Boosters.

At the CT level, always keep a good ten, or even a good twenty. TCs are very valuable in building a good PVP team.

Let’s move on to the complicated case of Super Candy. Normally, Stardust slows your progress much harder than candy. That being said, it still helps to be able to fully charge some Legendary Pokémon. As a result, we advise you to keep several hundred Super Bonbons in stock, it can still be used. If you have too many of them, it’s better to throw them away rather than wasting Dust by reloading a Pokémon that is useless in battle.

Pokémon GO: How to optimize your bag and your Pokémon reserve?

Let’s move on to the berries. Never throw them away. If you have too many, it is always possible to give berries to Pokémon in Arenas. Yes, Framby berries and Nanab berries aren’t much use and take up space, but that’s no reason to throw away an item that can earn you Stardust (20 Dust per ally healed on an Arena). As for Nanana berries, try to always have a good quantity, especially near major events like Community Days.

There are a few items that are only used for the evolution of certain Pokémon. If you don’t know what a particular item is used for, take a look on the internet. Once you’ve made all of your special morphs, these items are useless, you can get rid of them. Keep all the same some Sinnoh Stones and Unys Stones aside, they can still be used!

Finally, there are the Balls. If you are using an auto-catcher, keep a few hundred classic Poké Balls. If you don’t have any, clear them all and store as many Super and especially Hyper Balls as possible. Only use the Hyper Balls in the event of an exceptional encounter or a large Community Day event.

Obviously, never throw a “premium” item such as a decoy, incense, Lucky Egg, or Star Piece.

Tip for throwing objects faster

If you have an astronomical amount of a particular item and want to avoid thumb cramps by spamming the little “+” button, there is a solution. After clicking on the trash can icon, simply press the “-” button. This way your entire stock will be selected at once!

Pokémon GO: How to optimize your bag and your Pokémon reserve?

Manage your Pokémon storage

Even having purchased the maximum storage capacity, we strongly recommend that you constantly make room among your Pokémon. To sort it out, ask yourself these 4 key questions, if the answer is still “no”, don’t bother:

  • Do I plan to recharge this Pokémon and use it in combat ?
  • This Pokémon is he useful for an exchange (by its rarity or its specificities)?
  • Is it possible for this Pokémon to get in the future a new capacity or a significant stat boost?
  • Am I attached to this Pokémon emotionally (does it represent anything special)?

After a big day of event like a Community Day, you will have a lot of housecleaning to do. To save time, note that it is possible to transfer several Pokémon at once by keeping your finger pressed on the screen from your pocket monster stock. If you can’t do it, take a look at the game settings, there might be an option to check.

Charizard fanart drawn by Felix Falcon

Pokémon GO: How to optimize your bag and your Pokémon reserve?

Finally, take the time to manage your keywords. This is the best way to sort your Pokémon. Put together your Megas, your best friends, your dark Pokémon, your capture targets, the Pokémon to evolve, the Pokémon with the most interesting IVs, the Pokémon usable in PVP, the Pokémon to trade, the Lucky Pokémon etc. Once all your keywords have been created, you just have to type them in the search bar to see all the Pokémon concerned appear. Sorting out a stock of several thousand creatures takes a long time, but we assure you it’s worth it.

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