Nintendo Switch: Nintendo drops the price of the “classic” version!

News hardware Nintendo Switch: Nintendo drops the price of the “classic” version!

If you follow the news from Nintendo, you know that a new model of Switch with an OLED display is due out next month. In addition, you know that the firm is not particularly used to lowering the price of its products, which is why today’s announcement is significant.

Nintendo has indeed formalized a price reduction for the Nintendo Switch in its “classic” version, the one with the detachable Joy-Con and currently sold commercially. Launched in 2017, this model was previously sold at a recommended retail price of € 330, and, even if it was possible to find it at a lower price, it is this price which was taken into account by Nintendo in its commercial policy.

Visibly, the arrival of the OLED Switch is a game-changer, since Nintendo has lowered the price of the model accessible for more than 4 years to around € 270-280 depending on the resellers. According to our colleagues from Gamekult, Cultura, Auchan or even Amazon have already passed on the price drop on their product sheets, and the others should quickly follow. Nintendo has not officially disclosed the reasons for the price drop, but it is very likely that the company has decided to separate its historic model from the new “premium” model, which will be sold at € 349.99 from October 8.

As a result, we can now find Nintendo Switch Lite from € 219.99 (recommended public price), the “classic” Switch at 270-280, then the OLED Switch. To conclude, let us recall that during the last presentation of its financial results, Nintendo indicated that it had sold 89 million Switches worldwide, including 4.45 in the first quarter of the new fiscal year.

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