Messi, Mbappé and Neymar … Who is the best PSG player in FIFA 22?

Game news Messi, Mbappé and Neymar … Who is the best PSG player in FIFA 22?

Expected on October 01, FIFA 22 is revealed as the days go by. After explaining the technical novelties related to the PlayStation 5, the title unveiled the first ratings (statistics) of the players of the simulation.

Electronic Arts got the ball rolling today by unveiling the first FIFA 22 player ratings. A recurring subject of speculation, they give a taste of a player’s power. There are 7 for each footballer: speed, dribbling, shooting, defense, passing and physicality as well as the overall score. Today on Twitter, EA has decided to unveil the first notes while indicating that more are to come during the week :

In this video, we see for a few moments the notes of four players: Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid, Brandt and Dahoud of Borossia Dortmund and one of the stars of PSG Kylian Mbappé:

  • Vinicius Jr.: 80 Overall, 91 Speed, 70 Shooting, 71 Passing, 87 Dribbling, 29 Defense and 66 Phyique
  • Brandt: 81 Overall, 73 Speed, 75 Shooting, 71 Pass, 84 Dribble, 48 Defense and 44 Physical
  • Dahoud: 79 General, 70 Speed, 69 Shooting, 74 Pass, 83 Dribble, 67 Defense and 70 Physical
  • Mbappé: 91 General, 97 Speed, 88 Shooting, 80 Pass, 92 Dribble, 36 Defense and 77 Physical

Messi, Mbappé or Neymar the best?

Interestingly, while Mbappé’s overall rating of 91 matches the player’s rating, it differs from the previous month’s leaks: the overall ratings of the top 14 players were revealed, and the French player was awarded a 92.

Therefore, if we keep in mind this variation of ± 1 with the leaks and the official ratings, it is easy to determine which PSG player is the best off FIFA 22. In the leaks, Lionel Messi was rated 93. We therefore have a rating that oscillates between 92 and 94. Neymar side, he had a overall mark of 90, which gives 89 or 91 in final mark. It is therefore legitimate to think that it is good Lionel Messi who will have the best score of Paris Saint-Germain, however, we will have to wait for an official communication from Electronic Arts to be sure.

As a reminder, FIFA 22 is expected on October 01 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Stadia. Four days of early access are offered to those pre-ordering the edition Ultimate of the title.

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