Marvel’s Wolverine: Insomniac clarifies scale and tone of the game

Game news Marvel’s Wolverine: Insomniac clarifies scale and tone of the game

During the PlayStation Showcase, which was held a few days ago, Insomniac Games caused a sensation by announcing two titles. The first was none other than Spider-Man 2 in which we will find Venom, the other is Wolverine, whose adaptation had remained well hidden within the studio.

Very prolific in recent years, the developers of‘Insomniac are therefore working on two Marvel titles exclusive to the PS5, which will not visibly happen not before 2023, the best. Announced via a teaser that does not allow us to learn much about the game itself, Marvel’s Wolverine questions the players. On Twitter, one user wondered if this was a full-size, full-size game, or if it was more like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a solid but court stand-alone Spider-Man. Faced with the insistence of the user, Brian Horton, Creative Director within the studio, decided to answer: Marvel’s Avenger will be a Complete adventure of great size and above all, the tone will be mature.

An impression that we already had since the broadcast of the trailer, which suggests that a massacre took place in the bar where Logan is installed. For the rest, and in particular the gameplay, it will obviously be necessary to be very patient, even if a small clue suggests the presence of Dr. Banner, more often known as Hulk, within the game.

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