“Jean Zidane”, Zemmour slips (also) on French football

Since he lives mainly by controversy, Eric Zemmour also invited himself to the football field, Saturday, in his interview on the set of Laurent Ruquier.

Are there too many blacks or Arabs in the French football team? This question, as old as the far right, has been asked for many years. Following the path traced by Jean-Marie Le Pen since the years 1980-1990, Eric Zemmour again recently ventured onto this slippery ground.

The polemicist, dismissed this Monday by CNews after the latest decision of the CSA against him

, brought up the subject using a roundabout route. Officially, he does not express an opinion, but relies for example on the Italian press, which would laugh at the number of colored players among the Blues. He would only ask a simple question. “Imagine a team from Japan with 8 whites, a team from Senegal with 8 whites, what would the Senegalese think? We have the right to ask the question, there is no taboo question, he exhibited on Saturday evening on France 2, on the set of Laurent Ruquier.

September 12, 2021 Zemmour, he says that to see so many color players in the Blues “Don’t bother him”, even he admits to finding that” curious ” . But he multiplies inflammatory statements, as when he expresses his opposition to first names of foreign origin. Here again, football made its appearance in the political debate, Zemmour not hesitating to launch that Zinedine Zidane should have been called “Jean Zidane”

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September 12, 2021

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