Hervé Mathoux puts a layer on Pierre Ménès!

Questioned by Pierre Ménès at the time of the officialization of his departure from Canal +, Hervé Mathoux regretted the attitude of his former acolyte with the female gender.

The end of the Pierre Ménès adventure on Canal + has been stormy to say the least. Consequence, obviously, of the broadcast of the documentary “I am not a slut, I am a journalist” and of the controversy aroused by the revelations around the former journalist from L’Equipe which accompanied this broadcast. A controversy such as the troublemaker of the Canal Football Club had to be erased from the trays.

Marked with a hot iron by the unpacking of which he was the object, Pierre Ménès would then have liked some signs of support from his colleagues at the CFC, Hervé Mathoux in the lead. ” He was there to show off when I was sick (he had to undergo a liver and kidney transplant in 2016) but when he had to get his balls out, there was no one left ”, he also launched about the presenter of the CFC at the beginning of the summer, at the time of the announcement of his departure from Canal, twelve years after his arrival. An attack in due form necessarily badly experienced by the person concerned, even if he finds extenuating circumstances in his former colleague.

We got used to it

“I don’t even want to blame him. He was confused by everything that happened to him and he lost his lucidity ”, he confided in an interview given on Monday to The team, adding: « He knows that I was with him when he was sick, but he also knows that his way of behaving with people, and not just women, was not in line with my way of doing things. ”

In any case, Hervé Mathoux does not seem to regret the absence of Pierre Ménès on the CFC plateau. “Pierre remains divisive in his absence: some rejoice, others complain. We had already lived almost a season without him when he was ill, we finished last season without him, we got used to it ”, he confided, hoping for an awareness of the Parisian journalist: “I hope he will end up just taking the path of the questioning that the times dictate to us to have. ”

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