Genshin Impact: a very popular character from Honkai Impact 3rd could join MiHoYo’s game

Game news Genshin Impact: a very popular character from Honkai Impact 3rd could join MiHoYo’s game

Two weeks have already passed since the launch of version 2.1 of the game which is a real success, both with players and financial. In order to preserve the interest of players, MiHoYo strives to offer enough content, but also increasingly attractive characters.

The popularity of Genshin Impact update 2.1 is based in particular on these two elements. by introducing, for example, new islands to explore, a new activity and a banner of characters that are all the rage, in particular thanks to the possibility of obtaining Shogun Raiden.

While many players are taking full advantage of the content in version 2.1, others are hard at work getting their hands on new information regarding the future of the game. And once again, despite the measures taken by MiHoYo who has in the crosshairs a good number of followers of the leak, or of the « disclosure » in the language of Molière, some elements about the arrival of a future character were relayed

As reported by our colleagues from the site DualShockers, two dataminers and insiders well known to the Genshin Impact community, namely Dimbreath and Ubatcha, got their hands on the visual of a mysterious female character named Yelan. However, it is not the visual of the character itself that catches the eye but rather its strong resemblance to one of those from Honkai Impact 3rd, MiHoYo’s previous game, namely Fu Hua.

This character is also very popular among the Honkai Impact 3rd roster, which should greatly delight fans to see him arrive in Genshin Impact.. This is not the first time that MiHoYo has resorted to this process since the recently introduced character of Shogun Raiden is actually based on that of Raiden Mea from Honkai Impact 3rd.

For the moment all this is not to be taken at face value insofar as a confirmation or an announcement from MiHoYo has not yet been made, especially as the character of Yelan / Fu Hua could, for example, be deployed throughout the history of the game without becoming a playable character. Mistrust is in order while waiting for future updates of Genshin Impact.

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