Fortnite, season 8: detours, our complete guide

News tip Fortnite, season 8: detours, our complete guide

While one might think that the IO would restore order after its attack on the ship, the opposite happened. This expedition has created a real mess that is the origin of parallel pocket dimensions, detours!

What is a detour?

A detour is a parallel pocket dimension as we explained to you just before. The specificities of these dimensions are two in number. The first is that the gravity is greatly reduced there, the second is that it is impossible to build there!

Then, what you need to know is that like every time we get closer to Halloween on Fortnite, we will be able to find in these areas pillars that summon monsters that you will have to fight if you ever enter one of these areas.

You want to find this area, there is nothing very complicated to do, you will simply have to open your map and look for a city whose name is written in orange, a bit like last season when the cities with the presence of saucers were indicated in purple.

Detour faults

But if a city is necessarily affected by detours in your part, there are also other quieter areas where you will be able to find them. These areas are indicated by small purple faults that you can find on your map.

When you get closer, you will be attracted directly to the fault and a detour will take place. Much smaller than the one in the city, it will still spawn pillars and NPC monsters that you will have to kill to survive.

Fortnite, season 8: detours, our complete guide

Summary of our complete guide to Fortnite Battle Royale

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