FIFA 22 PS5: DualSense, Audio 3D … EA takes stock

Game news FIFA 22 PS5: DualSense, Audio 3D … EA takes stock

FIFA 22 is expected on October 01 on PC, consoles and Stadia. As always, the football simulation promises an ever greater immersion, and in particular on PlayStation 5 where it takes advantage of certain features of the console.

A few days before its release, FIFA 22 is revealed a little more. Two months after our preview of the title, which reported visible changes with edition 21, Electronic Arts is poured out in an article published on the PlayStation Blog where it indicates the new features of the PS5 version.

Better use of DualSense

First of all, Electronic Arts takes stock of the DualSense features already present in FIFA 21. Rough tackles, crossbar, shoulder strikes or even passes were already transcribed via the haptic feedback system of the PS5 controller. In FIFA 22, this technology (which reproduces sensations of touch via vibrations) will also be used during goals made by the player. :

The haptic feedback copies the feel of the ball entering the cage, returning the power of the strike and the tension of the net (…) So when you do that little skylight from outside the box to win the title to your Pro Clubs team, you’ll feel it in your hands as the crowd cheers and players celebrate that shot on the field.

On the side of adaptive triggers, nothing new to the program if this is not an improvement of the one already existing in the previous opus: the more the player is tired, the more it will be necessary to press hard on the trigger to make him run.

3D audio in the spotlight

On the other hand, 3D audio is a new feature and is therefore appearing on FIFA 22. Electronic Arts promises players that they “will hear their teammates scream“while experiencing the variations in volume corresponding to the different planes as when the camera turns to the spectators present in the stadium.

And otherwise ?

Already mentioned previously (and in particular in our overview), the technology HyperMotion is also entering the field. Reserved for the latest console models (PS5 and Xbox Series), it promises more than 4,000 new animations to get closer to perfect realism : no slowed-down race before the control, discussions between the players or even aerial duels with various face-to-face.

As a reminder, FIFA 22 is expected on October 01 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Stadia. Four days of early access are offered to those pre-ordering the edition Ultimate of the title.

Source : PlayStation Blog

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