Eneba launches its second-hand sales platform designed for gamers!

Game news Eneba launches its second-hand sales platform designed for gamers!

Want to sell your old PC at no cost, or find the rare pearl of retro-gaming to add to your collection? This Thursday, Eneba officially launches its new 100% gaming peer-to-peer sales platform. Go ahead and even receive a bonus of € 5 for your first sale!

There are many sales sites between individuals, but few specialized in video games and their peripheral worlds. With a fundraising of 8 million dollars carried out last year, Eneba is filling this void with a new platform for the sale and purchase of second-hand items designed for players! This allows you more particularly to buy or sell consoles, physical console games, accessories, PCs or even components such as graphics cards. A product category that will diversify in the coming months to cover even more universes like pop culture.

Why go through Eneba rather than another platform? Users can first sell their equipment at no cost, the latter (delivery costs and service costs) being entirely the responsibility of the buyer. Another asset: the transaction is secure from end to end. Eneba ensures the smooth running of each sale and intervenes in the event of a dispute, while protecting the buyer against possible fraud attempts. A reputation system, based on user feedback, also makes it easier to identify serious sellers. Going through Eneba is finally choosing an eco-responsible solution, by giving a second life to your old games and electronic equipment rather than throwing them away and producing little recycled waste.

Selling or buying is in any case child’s play on Eneba ! Via the web platform or the mobile application, the seller creates a product sheet that he embellishes with photos, a description and a price. A buyer then responds to the ad and checks out if they’re interested. Once the transaction is validated by Eneba, the seller receives the buyer’s information, prints a pre-filled label and prepares the package. before sending it within 5 days maximum. Finally, when the buyer receives his purchase, he must validate the transaction for the money to be paid to the seller. Thanks to the mobile application available on iOS and Android, access the Eneba service directly from your smartphone. Take advantage of a clear interface to sell or buy products and manage your transactions wherever you are!

Be one of the early adopters and enjoy a bonus of 5 € for a first sale of more than 10 €. If you sell a used console for 200 €, you will receive 205 € in your Eneba wallet. An amount that you can spend on other used products or withdraw via your bank account or Paypal account (minus the € 5 bonus which is non-transferable)!

Sell ​​your old physical games or consoles on Eneba at no cost

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