Clash at the top of Barça

The FC Barcelona coach took advantage of an interview with the Dutch press to point the finger at the attitude of its president, too interventionist for his liking.

As a result of the late return of the South American internationals, still on the bridge on the night of Thursday to Friday, La Liga had agreed to postpone two matches of the championship scheduled this weekend: Alaves-Villarreal and the shock Sevilla FC-FC Barcelona. the Barça therefore spent a peaceful weekend, focused on the shock of the Champions League which will put him in the Bayern Munich, Tuesday, a year after the humiliation experienced against the Bavarian giant during the Final Four in Lisbon.

The tension nonetheless rose a notch on Sunday evening. Blame it on the comments made by Ronald Koeman during an interview with NOS, the Dutch television channel. An interview that took on the air of settling scores. Asked about his relationship with its president Joan Laporta while the Spanish press recently spoke of friction between the two men, the Dutch technician did not take gloves. ” My relationship with Laporta has improved, but last week something happened that I think is wrong. He was suggesting that the coach did not have all the powers. He talked too much “, He launched the former midfielder.

And Ronald Koeman obviously did not appreciate the doubt maintained by its president concerning his future, Joan Laporta having never hidden his desire to see Xavi return to the Barcelona bench. ” I think you always have to be clear. When you, as club president, let things go and you are not even sure about the future of a coach, there is bound to be speculation. And if you are the coach, these are not pleasant things to live with “, He added, before putting on a last layer. “He was not correct at two precise moments”, he added, nevertheless saying he was ready to continue the adventure with the Blaugrana: “He corrected some things and we are now in discussions for a new contract. I am ready to stay, I am having fun here. Thanks to me, this club has a future. A little sentence that looks like a final tackle on its president.

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