200 GB at 9 € per month: the mobile plan that breaks the prices!

Good plan news 200 GB at 9 € per month: the mobile plan that breaks the prices!

Cdiscount currently offers a mobile plan that will be talked about: the 200 GB are at 9 € 99 per month in 4G network! A great way to stay connected inexpensively while keeping your mobile number!

Reduced mobile plan at Cdiscount: the 200 GB are at € 9.99

Since Free decided to play the maverick by slashing prices, other players have joined in, including Cdiscount. The latter put their cards on the table and offer the mobile subscription with 4G and 200 GB of data for less than € 10. An excellent deal to save money! All without commitment.

Cdiscount is new to this mobile market. In partnership with NRJ Mobile, they offer particularly competitive offers that stand out from more traditional competition such as Orange, Bouygues or Free.

In addition to that, if you want to change your mobile subscription, nothing could be simpler, you just have to send your RIO number to Cdiscount and they will take care of the changes. This saves you time and keeps your mobile phone number.

In addition to this, Cdiscount relies on the Bouygues Télécom network which already covers nearly 64 million French people.

The Cdiscount Mobile offer: 200 GB at € 9.99

This package offered by Cdiscount is based on a simple idea: if you are a user, a classic Internet user, and you spend a good part of the time on your smartphone, 200 GB should be approximately your monthly consumption.

Cdiscount therefore offers you to go on this package for less than 10 € per month. Thus, you will be able to enjoy social networks, video, and the same way throughout Europe and the overseas departments. In fact, in this offer, no less than 38 destinations are included. There are thus EU countries, and 8 overseas destinations.

In addition to that, there is no complication with changing your subscription, you can request the portability of your number and thus keep it with the Cdiscount offer. All without commitment.

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