The competitor of GTA 6 finally in pre-order

Good plan news The competitor of GTA 6 finally in pre-order

Saints Row, the reboot of the series is currently on pre-order! The Boss and all his clique are back in the city of San Ileso, and their goal is simple: to conquer the city! Available in February 2022, the title is already on pre-order!

Saints Row: the reboot of GTA’s direct competitor available for pre-order at Fnac

The Saints Row series is presented as a game where anything is possible. Real sandbox, the series decides to embark on a reboot which will take again the essential bases and start again in a whole new adventure! Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC, the game is slated for release February 25, 2022.

Saints Row is THE series that serves as an outlet! In the format of a Third Person Shooting (TPS) game, the title puts you in the heart of the most wacky intrigues, and puts in your hands the most improbable weapons and more destructive.

In this reboot, you will witness the birth of the Saints and their hold on the crime world of the city of San Ileso. You will be able to roam the streets in various vehicles as well as to take the air lane.

Customize the Boss with the customization tool. You will thus have your boss just for you, with your personality, it is the same for vehicles.

The title will be available in February 2022 and it will be released on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox and PC. You will also find a special edition with additional bonuses!

Saints Row sur PS4, PS5, Xbox et PC : la preview

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Difficult to comment on the video game qualities of this Saints Row as it is. We can nevertheless dwell on the promises made by Deep Silver and Volition studios, and in this area, this reboot seems to want to invite itself into the big leagues. The city of Santo Ileso, gang wars, unbridled action, caustic humor, and more. all the conditions are met on paper to make this Saints Row a major episode of the series. One thing is certain. The Boss is officially back on February 25, 2022. The terms of his comeback remain to be known.

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