Streets of Rage 4 Anniversary Edition on Switch: where to order it at the best price

Good plan news Streets of Rage 4 Anniversary Edition on Switch: where to order it at the best price

The return of the flagship saga of MegaDrive is back on Nintendo Switch! Scheduled in its Anniversary Edition version for September 24, the title also includes its MR DLC. X Nightmare.

Streets of Rage 4 Anniversary Edition: the return of the cult license in an augmented version at E.Leclerc

Streets of Rage is the start of a lot for a lot of people. Launched in the 90s, the license will have made the glory of the Sega console, the Megadrive. Back in 2020 for a new episode, Streets of Rage will now arrive on Switch with a special edition, and it’s available for under € 35!

Taking place after Streets of Rage 3, the game launches you into a city where corruption, stigma and evil eat away at the city. Although Mr. X is deceased, the city is in the hands of fire eaters, thugs, outcasts, delinquents and other lieutenant who act as bosses.

The game will make you plunge back with nostalgia into the atmosphere of the first titles of the license and its artistic direction is no stranger to this effect. And with the fluidity of current consoles, we are in front of a real gaming experience that will still require responsiveness.

Combos, special moves, Ultimes will be your creeds, and knowing how to place them according to the characters you master will be part of the learning. Thus, you will be able to be able to beat up corrupt cop, baggy sling, all with knock-down shots from minivans.

Streets of Rage 4, what to say about the DLC

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The Mr. X Nightmare expansion reinforces Streets of Rage 4’s staple position by correcting rare errors in the original game. It expands the base game’s cast with three new heroes (including two dedicated primarily to beginners), adds a Training mode accessible to all and a new mode: Survival. This new proposal with strong replayability comes with game mechanics inspired by roguelite, the bosses of the first opus, a brand new musical playlist that fits perfectly to the universe and new environments, even if we can regret a lack of variety on this side. But this is the only big problem with this first DLC. Despite this and to put it simply: Mr. X Nightmare perfectly complements the original work and it will please fans of the genre.

To learn more about Streets of Rage 4, you can check out the reviews about it.

Streets of Rage 4 Anniversary Edition on Switch: where to order it at the best price

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