LaPetitePelle draws JV – N ° 398

News inside LaPetitePelle draws JV – N ° 398

It’s Sunday and as you know, it’s time for your weekly meeting with LaPetitePelle! Each week, our illustrator draws the video game news for you. Today, he offers us a famous “What if?” on what could have happened to Microsoft and Sony!

In this season of studio buyouts and rumors about others, there is one figure that stands out a bit more right now than the rest, and that is Microsoft. After the acquisition of the giant Bethesda, it would be, it would seem according to rumors of the hallway, the turn of Take-Two Interactive to join the ranks. This information, relayed by reliable sources such as Jez Corden (senior editor of the site Windows Central), is not to be taken lightly since we know that Microsoft has ample means to buy the American publisher. This would allow him, among other things, to obtain licenses like Borderlands, Mafia, Red Dead or BioShock. But what if the company, or one we know well, had decided to get into buyout fashion sooner?

LaPetitePelle draws JV - N ° 398LaPetitePelle draws JV - N ° 398

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