The new Sonic on Switch at 29 €

Good plan news The new Sonic on Switch at 29 €

The all new Sonic Colors Ultimate is currently available for pre-order for less than € 30 from E.Leclerc in its Day One version! If you want to embark on the adventure and rediscover Sonic in a bright light, now is the time!

Sonic Colors on Nintendo Switch: pre-order at the best price at E.Leclerc

We can say that Sonic has seen green and unripe, but, he is now back in a remastered adventure, passed through the mill to offer current graphics, all with a fluidity of 60 fps. A special edition will even be released on October 1st, and it is available for less than € 30!

Sonic was Mario’s former rival, their clash symbolically represented the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo. History will remember especially that Sonic has now joined Mario’s team.

However, as much Sonic had his hour of glory, as he went through titles that tarnished his reputation. However, we can hope for better. Indeed, a whole new original adventure is planned for next year. But while waiting for it to arrive, Nintendo is giving us a remaster of a game popular with gamers, Sonic Colors.

In this new version, called ultimate, the supersonic blue hedgehog finds its friends the Wisps and a good number of changes both on the graphics and on some gameplay elements.

Indeed, this title introduces the fact of being able to modify its controls, the races as well as the progression in the game have been reviewed, and all in an atmosphere more in line with what we currently have.

This title is currently on pre-order at E.Leclerc who offers it in a Day One version on Nintendo Switch. We find in particular the keychain sonic child.

The new Sonic on Switch at 29 €

Sonic Colours, ses Wisps, ses courses, sa note sur PS4

The opinion of


Applying a good dusting of Sonic Colors, Sonic Colors: Ultimate may not be the best of remasters, but it does the job well enough to spark interest in an entirely acceptable episode. Yes, because despite the inherent flaws in Sonic 3D (rigid jumps, gameplay inaccuracies) and mechanics that sometimes interrupt the blue hedgehog’s race in a frustrating way, the pleasure of rushing at full speed through the levels is there, especially in 4K / 60 frames per second. In addition, with the “Wisps”, Sonic Colors provides us with a whole bunch of different abilities which will bring variety as well as replayability. A replayability moreover a little more enhanced thanks to the other additions of this remaster – personalization, Rival Rush -, even if they lack thickness. But no harm. Sonic Colors: Ultimate remains a good time that we welcome with pleasure.

To learn more about Sonic Colors Ultimate, you can check out the full review about it.

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