Star Wars: Rey’s Lightsaber Pre-Order

Good plan news Star Wars: Rey’s Lightsaber Pre-Order

Zavvi is currently offering for pre-order and exclusive, the lightsaber of Rey, the heroine of the latest Star Wars trilogy. Available in July 2022, this high-level collector’s item will have a dedicated place in your interior.

Star Wars: Rey Skywalker’s Saber Pre-Order From Zavvi

Lightsabers are intrinsically linked with Jedi to the Sith. It is the symbol of their power and their belonging to the light or dark side of the force. Rey ends up getting hers and it sports a gorgeous yellow color. This replica proposed by Zavvi accurately reproduces all the details of this saber.

Rey is the central character of the last trilogy of the Star Wars saga. Young girl looting wreckage on Jakku, planet where she was abandoned. The latter finds herself embarked on a flight to escape the First Order, a Resistance group nostalgic for the Empire and led by Kylo Ren.

The latter will experience adventures with the most famous characters of the license, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leïa or even Finn. During the saga, she learns that she is the recipient of the power of the Force.

Star Wars: Rey's Lightsaber Pre-Order

Like all Force holders, she has completed a quest to create her own saber. These are made up of Kyber crystals, which are only present in a few places in the galaxy.

These concentrate energy and crystallize it. The Sith, but especially the Jedi, in order to build their saber, must undergo special training to find the crystal that suits them the most, the one with which they are in harmony.

Le Saber laser by Rey by Hasbro

This lightsaber offered by Zavvi comes straight from the Hasbro workshops and is part of the Black Series. The latter authentically captures all aspects and details of Rey’s saber.

From its handle, to its various buttons, you will find everything that makes this saber, both unique in the saga and a collector’s item. On top of that, this lightsaber lights up and picks up the iconic sounds of favorite weapons of the Sith and Jedi.

This lightsaber is sold with its display. Available for July 2022, pre-orders are already open!

Star Wars: Rey's Lightsaber Pre-Order

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