Redfall: Xbox exclusive on the run with pictures and information

Game news Redfall: Xbox exclusive on the run with pictures and information

At E3, Arkane Studios Austin (Prey) unveiled Redfall, their upcoming open-world FPS. Taking place on an island invaded by vampires, the title has probably just experienced its first leaks.

Redfall is not expected until next summer, but it seems that play-testers uploaded a number of images and information
on Reddit. All of what will follow is to be taken with pretty little tweezers, but has already been relayed by the very reliable site Windows Central, as well as by our colleagues from XboxSquad and of JVFR. On the images broadcast, we can see in particular the game interface, the skill system and some pictures showing the environments of the game as they appear in what looks like an alpha release. If it is necessary be very careful with this information, let’s review what they can potentially teach us.

First of all, Redfall would take well Open-world shape, set on an island comparable in size to the approach of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. The whole could be explored solo or co-op, but for the moment, no vehicle or dynamic weather would not have been experienced. Many NPCs would populate the universe, and many many interactions would be planned between the different characters playable, to the number of six according to information collected.

Presented as approaching a Borderlands in terms of structure, Redfall would offer main and secondary missions, many conventional or non-conventional weapons (we are talking about a stake launcher), and a system of progression based on loot and experience. But, Arkane obliges, the whole could be done in a stealthy way or much more direct. However, it seems that the integration of AI partners is excluded for the moment.

Redfall: Xbox exclusive on the run with pictures and information

All characters would have specific stats and would be with a unique capacity. One of them could use a bird like in the last Assassin’s Creed, another could teleport over short distances, while a third would be able to be very discreet. This would serve to face the different situations but, also the bosses, which would again be designed in a way similar to those of Borderlands. On the grip side, it would be possible to choose between first and third person view. As a reminder, Redfall is a Bethesda game, and will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem. So it will come out on PC and Xbox Series in Q3 2022.

Redfall: Xbox exclusive on the run with pictures and information

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