PlayStation Store: Discover our selection of games made in France!

Game news PlayStation Store: Discover our selection of games made in France!

France has always been a welcoming land for video games. Many French studios have contributed to the history of this industry, from the biggest houses such as Ubisoft to young independent studios like Motion Twin. Discover our selection of French games available on the PlayStation Store!

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Dead Cells

A true staple of the independent scene, Dead Cells is one of the great French sensations of recent years. It is a rogue-lite putting us in command of a hero wandering in a dark environment full of formidable creatures. As he fights, he becomes stronger and obtains new combinable improvements to help him in his adventure. In addition to its demanding confrontations and its immersive universe, Dead Cells offers randomly generated levels. The guarantee of almost infinite replayability!

For Honor

  • 7,49€ (29,99€ – until 09/16)
  • Up to 8 players online

For Honor is a very special fighting game. He places his action in a medieval world bringing together various factions of warriors: Knights, Vikings and Samurai. An astonishing mixture which allows intense and tactical confrontations. Indeed, with very different characters and battlefields capable of bringing together eight powerful heroes and dozens of NPCs at the same time, the sensations are there. Let’s not forget the meticulously worked environments for an extraordinary immersion!


  • 29,99€
  • 1 player – Up to 6 players online

Let’s take a tour of one of the most fascinating tribes in history: the Vikings. In Northgard, we follow a Scandinavian tribe who have just discovered a new continent, Northgard. Full of dangerous fantastic creatures, but also treasures, this land serves as the backdrop for this real-time strategy game. A genre that has become quite rare, but that the studio Shiro Games manages to exploit here brilliantly!


  • 69,99€ – Preorder – Release on 09/14
  • 1 player – Up to 2 players online

How to talk about video games made in France without mentioning Arkane Studios? Extremely famous around the world, especially for the Dishonored series, this house will return next Tuesday with a new creation: Deathloop. We play Colt Vahn, hero stuck in a time loop. He finds himself stuck in an endless day on the island of Blackreef and will have to kill eight assassins in a row to be able to free himself from them. An experience that promises to be of rare intensity!

A Plague Tale : Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence transports us to a particularly dark kingdom of France. The plague rages and the young Amicia de Rune, 15, tries to survive despite the many dangers lurking, starting with the Inquisition of Lord Nicholas. This courageous young girl must also watch over her little brother Hugo, 5 years old … The difficult journey that awaits them will also be an opportunity for them to get to know each other better. A fascinating adventure rich in emotion!

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