Paul opens up about his relationship with Booker and Harden

Now 36, point guard Chris Paul is enjoying the Suns. In a podcast, he spoke about his relationship with his teammate Devin Booker, but also his former relationship with James Harden.

It’s never too late to experience the NBA Finals. The proof, one of the greatest leaders in the League, Chris Paul, discovered, at 36, his first finals against the Bucks. Finals that he unfortunately lost. But, for the number 3 of the Suns, it is only part postponement, he who hopes to find the finals in the coming seasons. He is now in an established team and solidly accompanied by a loyal teammate in the person of Devin Booker, with whom he has developed a certain friendship, despite their age difference. Indeed, the ultra complete offensive palette of the player from Michigan pleases his leader and allows him to create a complementary relationship, as described by “CP3”, in an interview, on the podcast. « No Chill » hosted by Gilbert Arenas, former Washington Wizards shooter. ” One of the best things about my relationship with “Book” is that we talk about everything, good and bad, “said the former Clippers. Devin knows how to put on “game-winners” but what I’ve been telling him all year round for the end of the game is “go to your spot and take the shot”. I told him: “if you are at your spot, you can shoot with your eyes closed”. »

A frustrating relationship with Harden

A relationship that he had not especially managed to develop on the Houston side with the franchise superstar, James Harden. During his two years of stint with the Rockets, the native of Winston-Salem had yet failed to land in the NBA final with his teammate double MVP, but an injury for Paul and a catastrophic shooting management in Game 7 allowed the Warriors to spin in the final and win a 6th ring. For Point God, this year has been frustrating. ” The thing that frustrated me the most was that the first year, I was not in good health, admitted the Suns player. Those years in Houston are a bit of a chore to a certain extent, because there was so much going on back then. But damn it, we were good. We were really good. “Before recalling the qualities but also the communication faults of his former teammate. ” I always say, no one can score like him. It’s incredible. But it is necessary to have these kinds of discussions. I wouldn’t change much about this experience but I would have liked to have had these kinds of discussions with him ”, concludes the double gold medalist of the Summer Games, who will aim for a second consecutive final starting next season.

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