Minecraft: A player creates a circle and curves without mod

Game news Minecraft: A player creates a circle and curves without mod

He literally did the impossible. In recent days, YouTuber Mysticat has posted a video where we see him building a circle, then another where we see him making a perfect sphere … in the cubic world of Minecraft.

Sources : Kotaku and Mysticat

Mysticat is an American YouTuber regularly posting tutorial videos for Minecraft survival mode. How to build an automated farm, how to run a horse at 60,000 blocks / hour, how to rip off the villagers by trading with them, how not to spoil its rotten flesh … Or, more surprisingly, how to create vertical slabs Where curves and circles, without any mod !

When we know that even the Sun is rectangular in Minecraft, that sounds crazy. Moreover, even seeing his video, we tell ourselves that something is wrong, it seems totally unnatural to see curves in this world which we are so used to seeing images. If some already treat him – ironically – as a sorcerer, Mysticat is above all very clever … and he knows the game by heart.

Without detailing its entire process, it shows different attempts, using objects with particular properties in the game, including three of them: the minecart, the armor holder and obviously, control blocks. Realizing the feat of bending the world of Minecraft, Mysticat has impressed more than one player, and has seen his notoriety rating soar.

If there attempt to create a sphere is a little less successful (it will not really succeed in automating the process), the result is no less impressive, here again.

  • Mysticat’s Twitter account
  • Mysticat’s YouTube channel

The question now is whether other players, artists, creators on Minecraft Vanilla will use these new techniques, which are profoundly changing the very nature of the game and its possibilities.

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