Marvel’s Wolverine: Hulk present as opponent?

Game news Marvel’s Wolverine: Hulk present as opponent?

Announced with great fanfare last night, Marvel’s Wolverine is already a highly anticipated project. And theories are even starting to flourish, especially regarding … the presence of the Hulk in the adventure.

This was one of the highlights of last night’s PlayStation Showcase: before Spider-Man 2 was announced with Venom, Insomniac Games has lifted the veil on another project developed in parallel: Wolverine. Suffice to say that the potential of the game is obvious, especially as the studio’s mastery of superheroes begins to seriously sharpen.

A first trailer in CGI has therefore been released (which is available in our player above) where we can see good old Logan, leaning on the bar, ready to do battle with one last enemy. Carnage has visibly taken place (guess who is behind it?) And, with bloodstained hands, our protagonist pulls out his claws.

For many, the chills were indeed there despite a shy trailer : We haven’t seen a single action sequence, or even Wolverine’s face. However, some details were hidden and gave birth to a hypothesis that is starting to thicken frankly: what if the Hulk was in the game?

Behind the bar counter, we can actually see, squinting our eyes, a license plate displaying “HLK 181”. The three letters obviously refer to the most angry man on the planet, while the next number directly refers at issue 181 of The Incredible Hulk, where the latter faces… Wolverine.

Wink or real teasing? Difficult to say at the moment but we must admit that the possibility of having Dr. Banner as an opponent, or if only simply in the adventure, is something to talk about. We will have to be patient to be clear about it since Wolverine is a PS5 exclusive that will not arrive for a while: To give you an idea, Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for 2023 and is a priority on Insomniac Games’ list …

Marvel's Wolverine: Hulk present as opponent? Marvel's Wolverine: Hulk present as opponent?

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