Leite pushed to the exit

Arrived this summer with a three-year contract, Stéphane Leite was removed from his duties as coach of Lattes-Montpellier three weeks after starting the preparation for the season. A decision that would be linked to internal dissensions.

Less than a month before the recovery, Lattes-Montpellier is sinking into crisis. The Hérault club, vice-champion of France, has decided to lay off for “serious misconduct” his trainer Stéphane Leite, according to information from the specialized site BeBasketball. The latter, after seven seasons on the bench of Landerneau, agreed at the end of 2020 to take over from the Belgian technician Thibaut Petit at the head of the “Gazelles”. However, in the meantime, the latter allowed BLMA to win the Coupe de France before failing in the final of the Women’s League against Basket Landes. Results which made Franck Manna, former president of the Hérault club, say that the departure of Thibaut Petit is his “mistake” after having “made (his) decision too early” and presenting the recruitment of Stéphane Leite as “the choice of the sports director” Edwige Lawson-Wade, who has since been removed from his post.

Demory called to replace Leite?

A layoff of Stéphane Leite announced to the person concerned at the beginning of the week which should therefore lead to a dismissal. While the latter was only at the start of his contract for the next three seasons, everything indicates that the disagreement between the club and him should end before the industrial tribunal, which will have to decide on the seriousness of the “serious fault” committed by a coach just arrived. Confirming the information of BeBasketball, the daily The team received an end of inadmissibility on the part of Philippe Sebbane, successor of Franck Manna at the head of BLMA. To replace Stéphane Leite on the bench, the Montpellier club has set up a provisional structure with Damein Leroux, director of the training center, who has taken on the role of coach. However, the name of Valéry Demory comes up more and more in the entourage of the Gazelles, especially since the trainer was recently released by ASVEL.

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