Griezmann made “a huge mistake”

Badly advised, Antoine Griezmann should never have left Atlético to join Barça in 2019, according to Fred Hermel.

After a short stint that turned into a fiasco on the Catalonia side, Antoine Griezmann is back toAtletico Madrid. A club that the Mâconnais knows by heart for having worn the colors for five seasons. Ideal to relaunch. But above all a club that he should never have left in 2019 to engage with the FC Barcelona, assure Fred Hermel.

“He knows very well that he made a huge mistake, but it’s not his fault, it was the people around him who advised him badly. While he was happy in Madrid… I am convinced that Griezmann has freed himself from a weight (leaving Barça, editor’s note) and that he will have a great season at Atlético ”, thus blew the journalist on the airwaves of RMC.

“Watch out for the supporters …”

If this comeback promises to be beneficial for “Grizi”, it will however have a lot to do to redeem itself with Colchoneros supporters, who for some still have his departure through their throats. “Cerezo (the president of Atlético, editor’s note) told me that the Madrid supporters will never accept his return,” said Fred Hermel. Watch out for the supporters, it will be cotton because the ultras will not welcome him with open arms. But if after two months, the results are wonderful… ”

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