Gran Turismo 7: the PS5 trailer already dissected on YouTube, similarities with the old games

Game news Gran Turismo 7: the PS5 trailer already dissected on YouTube, similarities with the old games

PlayStation gamers were excited to one day host a new installment of the Gran Turismo license on PS5. A wish that will soon be granted by the Polyphony Digital teams who announced, last night, the release of an unprecedented part of the automotive simulation for March 4, 2022.

To celebrate, with the entire PlayStation community, the announcement of this upcoming title on PS5 and PS4, Polyphony Digital had concocted a trailer for us that was both contemplative and supercharged.. We could, among other things, see many vehicles and sublime landscapes before getting to the heart of the matter with elements more focused on the gameplay, namely the improvement of vehicles, customization, circuits, but also with a immersion on the track inside the cockpit.

Since many visuals have been shared by the development studio and Sony, we were telling you about them recently during the day. But this time, we are not interested in the frozen visuals but the trailer released last night at the PlayStation Showcase.

This may have escaped the vigilance of many players but this video clip of Gran Turismo 7 is not as trivial as it seems since it turns out to be stuffed with references to the introductory sequences of the old parts of the franchise.

Passed into the expert hands of Internet users, like Password 6863, the trailer broadcast last night is affixed to very specific passages of Gran Turismo 1, 2, 3 and 4 to better reveal Polyphony’s tribute to its automobile license. Like we show it the video of Password 6863, to be found above, we find very specific common points : traveling shots on certain elements of the circuit, the famous truck that transports the cars, the engine running, the formation of the blue and red logo in glass, and many others that we leave to you the pleasure, and the nostalgia, to discover.

For the time being, Gran Turismo 7 has not yet unveiled all of its content but in view of the excerpts shared yesterday, Polyphony Digital seems to have learned from its mistakes with Gran Turismo Sport and gives the impression of returning to the formula that has made the reputation of the franchise since its first episode released in 1998.. The game should take advantage of the next few months to reveal itself more before its release date, set for March 4, 2022 on PS5 and PS4.

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