Disappointing announcements? PlayStation Showcase 2021 decryption

Playstation presented its Showcase 2021, a major event, but to be completely honest with you: we come out a little upset, for good and bad reasons …

God of War, roi du show

Let’s talk about the star of the evening: God of War : Ragnarok is now a reality! On the program, a big stretch of gameplay that presents the direct sequel to the adventures of Kratos and Atreus, his son, who looks more unbearable than ever like a teenage crisis. The Ragnarok has started and the biting winter has risen over the regions of the nine kingdoms, which we can finally fully explore in this episode. The enemies look much more varied than before, and we can finally move with something other than boats. Much more open in terms of content, the game should delight us over its lifetime that the creator of the franchise, David Jaffe, recently announced as turning around 40 hours. In terms of interesting novelties, we especially notice this small village, very cute and visibly well populated, but it remains to be seen what we can do there. Finally, note that the game will be released on PS4 and PS5 and that for the moment, apart from 2022, we do not have too many details on the release date, which we will probably discover in a State of Play.

Marvel and foil!

We continue with the other star of the evening, and this is not a game, but a studio, and it’s Insomniac Games. Sony bought them back in August 2019, and obviously it wasn’t for making pancakes. Since the launch of the PS5, they coal with Spider-Man Miles Morales or Ratchet and Clank, but the future looks even more “marvelous” for them. The studio presented during the showcase not one, but two games. The first is Wolverine, which is exposed through a teaser in synthetic images, without date or anything. By digging a little, we notice that it is a PS5 game only with at its head veterans of the first Spider-Man and Miles Morales and its development has just started.

Well advanced on its side and planned for 2023, it is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 revealed during the Showcase. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any gameplay, which Sony probably has in store for 2022, but the announcement was still very strong. Must say that Spider Man PS4, it was a huge box, sold 20 million copies before the PS5 landed. The expectations around the continuation are thus immense and the cinematics of presentation is already dreaming. We see Peter Parker and Miles Morales having to cohabit and collaborate to face a common enemy: Venom… So be careful, we see you coming: no, the game will not be co-op, it was announced as a purely single player game developed for the PlayStation 5 …

PlayStation studios, too shy?

So God of War is the Star and Insomniac never sleeps, okay, but what about the other PlayStation studios? As for Polyphony Digital, which is preparing Gran Turismo 7, the showcase was an opportunity to reassure players. Faced with a Forza Horizon 5 that tore our retina out all summer, it became crucial to speak up. And after a year of calm, we have a new trailer where we are finally presented with little gameplay but a lot of extras: photo mode, customization, career mode … Regarding driving, we only had that some rare sequences presented, which is rather a shame. Either way, the game seems rich in content and we can’t wait to find out, on PS4 and PS5, with a release date as a bonus: March 4, 2022.

Next to this Gran Turismo, we could notice confirmation of the PC porting project for Uncharted. You know, Sony now exports its biggest hits to Steam, a few years after their console release: Horizon, Days Gone, and it’s now Uncharted that sticks to it. So be careful, because it only concerns Uncharted 4 and its stand alone Lost Legacy, grouped under a new compilation: Legacy of Thieves. The first three opus, available in remastered in the Nathan Drake Collection on Sony consoles, are not yet ported to PC. This brand new compilation will arrive on PS5 in early 2022 and a little later on PC.

And if you were waiting for information on other PlayStation Studios projects, you will have to wait for another event. Bend, Housemarque, MediaMolecule, Naughty Dog, SuckerPunch: all these studios have not communicated anything about their future projects, leaving a boulevard to third-party publishers.

Third-party editors to fill the ¾ of the show?

Indeed, the third-party publishers had an overwhelming presence during this showcase, occupying ¾ of the airtime. So yes, it starts very strong with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake. We have been talking about it since April 2021 about this KOTOR remake made by Aspyr, regulars of PC ports, and which here will rework the game from top to bottom. The game is presented as a PS5 exclusive but it will also be released on PC as specified by LucasFilm on Twitter. By the way, it is announced as a launch exclusive for the PS5, which also means that perhaps eventually, it will land one day elsewhere, like on Xbox since at the base, KOTOR is anyway. an Xbox and PC game …

We could also see Forspoken, cepui which, not so long ago, was still called Project Athia and looked like a real UFO. Today, it’s a game that will certainly rely heavily on freedom of movement, but which also has a fairly pronounced TPS base. Is it the best of both worlds? Response to the release in spring 2022 on PC and PS5!

We will also notice Project EVE, a strange Korean beat’em all with Bayonetta and NieR sauce, with ultra-shiny tight-fitting outfit, and a little crappy animations. A game that has no release date, unlike the very nice Tchia, a PS4, PS5 and PC game inspired by the landscapes of New Caledonia! It is the Bordeaux studio Awaceb which presents its title, in which we will be able to take control of multiple animals to advance the story. It looks fresh, cute and frankly nice: we can’t wait to discover it in 2022.

A missed annual meeting in 2021?

So what to think overall of this Showcase 2021: well apart from God of War and Insomniac: there is not a lot of project that stuck with us. Lots of computer-generated images, quite a few release date and unlike a Nintendo where we leave the presentation saying to ourselves that every month, we will have a big game on Switch: there, it’s a little more difficult to have a clear vision of the future. And when it comes to the density of ads, just look at the 2020 PlayStation Showcase program, from a year ago, to say that this 2021 version was quite disappointing. Last year, it was FF16, revealed in opening, with gameplay, Demon’s Souls, Miles Morales, Hogwarts Legacy, with gameplay, Resident Evil 8 Village and God of War 2 announced at closing. Then there was also this “brand evolution” side, with the announcement of the PS Plus Collection and the reveal of the console. It was just huge, whereas this year it’s ¾ dedicated to third-party publishers, a quarter for Sony studios without too much gameplay or dates, and a lot of announcement effects. A small update on the systems, the interface, the evolution of the machine or its services would frankly not have been too much. In any case something that makes us feel that PlayStation, with this show, has taken a new step, a new course.

Here is what we can remember from this PlayStation Showcase, do not hesitate in the comments to tell us what you thought about it, and find all the brand’s news on JV and its networks.

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